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Let's develop your power, let's optimize your potential!

Following the first contacts to understand your sports project, we identify together your objectives according to your life constraints and your racing program.
You will have a personalized Training Peaks platform including:

  • Online planning of the season based on your main objective and determination of your secondary objectives.

  • Adjustment and programming taking into account a road practice in addition.

  • Definition of your physiological profile in order to extrapolate your potential.

  • Personalized plans every week on each training block and each session is described, MTB, cx, road and physical preparation.

  • Analysis of the past week and the training load from your online platform: using the concepts of RPE, TSS...

  • Exchange during the pre-competition period (nutritional preparation, race strategy) then race debriefing.

  • Unlimited monthly email and telephone contacts from Monday to Friday (at the athlete's request).

  • Informal gathering on request at the end of the season.

How do training plans work?

Price: €125.00 or 138$ per month.

Minimum commitment of 3 months.

For cyclists in the U15 to U17 categories: 15% discount or €105 or 116$/month.

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