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Why AzurPerformance?

I create and develop personalized training plans thanks to my 20-years' experience and my Sports Sciences studies (STAPS).

Each plan is described and structured to allow you to progress according to your ambitions, your level and your availability.

For 10 years, I have paid particular attention to women's specificities to protect health and enable performance!



A structured plan: each session is described on the Training Peaks online platform.


Training load monitoring: from block to block, week to week, we can monitor your progress. ​


Expertise and management in your sporting career: we help you to evolve serenely in the world of women's cycling.


Training plans accessible at all times: from a smartphone or tablet, from your computer. ​


Answers to your questions: you quickly receive the information you need to continue your progress via What's App.


A You Tube channel: to allow you to carry out the exercises properly, take a look at our playlists. Click here to discover it!




To start:

Step 1: create an Athlete BASIC account on Training Peaks,

Step 2: contact me via my "COACH" page on Training Peaks or by email

Step 3: receive by email and then return the starter questionnaire with all the important information.

Step 4: pay the first 3 months of training (then settlement on free time).

Step 5: board in the great adventure of endurance sports!

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