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To progress physically, to protect you against injury  is my mission!

Following the first contacts to understand your sports project, we identify together your objectives according to your life constraints during regular meetings at your training place.

  • Online planning of the season based on your main objective and your secondary objectives.

  • Definition of your physiological profile in order to extrapolate your potential and your weak points (lack of strength, flexibility, recurrent injuries and pain...).

  • Personalized plans every week on each training block and each session is described in strength training, cardio-training (running, cycling, swimming) and stretching.

  • Analysis of the past week and the training load from your online platform: using the concepts of RPE, TSS...

  • Exchange during the pre-competition period (nutritional preparation, recovery strategy) then race debriefing.

  • Exchange with your medical staff to complete the preparation following an injury.

  • Unlimited email and telephone contacts (at the athlete's request).

  • Creation of training courses on demand.

How do training plans work?

They have passed through my hands or are still there:

  • Elodie LENGELLÉ, Pro triathlon,

  • Charlotte BOULANGER, Slalom Europa Cup,

  • Tom BONNEFOND, Skicross World Cup,

  • Jean-Christophe THIEBAUT, GS Europa Cup,

  • Tahar MANAÏ, alpinist, 

  • Pôle France Voile de Marseille....

Price: €125.00 or 138$ per month.

Minimum commitment of 3 months.

For cyclists in the U15 to U17 categories: 15% discount or €105 or 116$/month.

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